Comprehensive Material Processing Services at Lincoln Structural

Lincoln Structural is at the forefront of material processing, offering a wide array of services designed to convert raw materials into high-quality finished products and components. Our expertise spans various techniques and procedures, ensuring that we can meet the diverse needs of our clients across multiple industries. Here's a closer look at the material processing services we provide:

Cutting and Machining

CNC Machining: Our computer-controlled machines deliver precise cutting, drilling, and shaping of materials, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every project.

Laser Cutting: Utilizing advanced laser technology, we achieve high precision in cutting a variety of materials, providing clean and accurate cuts.

Water Jet Cutting: With high-pressure water mixed with abrasive substances, we cut materials with minimal thermal impact, preserving their integrity.

Forming and Shaping

Forging: By applying compressive forces, we shape metals into desired forms, enhancing their structural properties.

Rolling: Our rolling services reduce the thickness of metal sheets, achieving uniform thickness and improved material strength.

Extrusion: We force materials through a die to create long shapes with uniform cross-sections, ideal for complex profiles and high-volume production.


Welding: Our expert welders use heat to join metals or thermoplastics, ensuring strong, durable connections.

Soldering and Brazing: We join metals by melting a filler metal into the joint, providing reliable and precise bonding.

Adhesive Bonding: For applications requiring non-metallic bonds, we use high-performance adhesives to join materials securely.

Surface Treatment

Plating: We coat material surfaces with a thin layer of metal, enhancing their corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

Anodizing: This electrochemical process increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metal parts, improving durability and appearance.

Painting and Powder Coating: We apply protective or decorative finishes to surfaces, offering a variety of colors and textures to meet specific requirements.

Heat Treatment

Annealing: By heating and cooling materials, we remove internal stresses and improve their workability.

Hardening and Tempering: Our processes increase the hardness and strength of materials, making them suitable for demanding applications.

Material Removal

Grinding: Using abrasive wheels, we remove material to achieve smooth finishes and precise dimensions.

Etching: Chemicals or acids are used to remove layers from material surfaces, allowing for intricate patterns and designs.

Molding and Casting

Injection Molding: We inject molten material into molds to create complex shapes with high precision and repeatability.

Casting: Pouring liquid material into molds, we produce components that solidify into specific shapes, suitable for various applications.


Sheet Metal Fabrication: We cut, bend, and assemble sheet metal into structures, providing custom solutions for construction and industrial applications.

Plastic Fabrication: Our plastic fabrication services include cutting, bending, and assembling plastic materials into finished products, tailored to client specifications.

Quality and Precision

At Lincoln Structural, quality and precision are at the core of our material processing services. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our skilled workforce, ensures that we deliver superior results on every project. Whether you need custom components for the automotive industry, precision parts for aerospace applications, or durable products for construction, Lincoln Structural has the expertise and capabilities to meet your needs.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually invest in the latest technologies and training for our team. We understand that each project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. With Lincoln Structural, you can trust that your materials will be processed to the highest standards, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.