Lincoln Structural Solutions Named SBA 2024 Great Plains Region Small Business Subcontractor of the Year


Louisville, NE - March 27, 2024...

Lincoln Structural Solutions (LSS) achieves a significant milestone as it is named the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2024 Great Plains Region Small Business Subcontractor of the Year. This prestigious recognition underscores LSS's unwavering commitment to excellence and exemplary performance in the industry, solidifying its reputation as a leader in its industry.

The news arrived in a letter addressed to Ms. Danielle Kottas, General Manager of Lincoln Structural Solutions, from Jackie Robinson-Burnette, Associate Administrator of the Office of Government Contracting and Business Development at the U.S. Small Business Administration. The letter conveyed heartfelt congratulations to the firm for its outstanding achievements and contributions to the community and the nation's economic landscape. An awards ceremony is scheduled for May 14th.

Lincoln Structural Solutions was nominated for this esteemed award by Clint Jaffre, Project Procurement Manager at Bechtel, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, highlighting the firm's commendable work ethic and innovative approach to business. Ms. Kottas and her team have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, driving not only their own success but also inspiring other businesses to strive for greatness.

The U.S. Small Business Administration's recognition comes as the nation gears up to celebrate National Small Business Week, scheduled from April 28 to May 4, 2024. This annual event, established since 1963, honors the significant contributions of small businesses to the American economy. With more than half of Americans either owning or working for a small business, Lincoln Structural Solutions' achievement serves as a beacon of inspiration for entrepreneurs across the country.

Expressing her sincere congratulations, Ms. Robinson-Burnette commended Lincoln Structural Solutions for its outstanding performance and extended best wishes for its continued success. The award not only recognizes the firm's past accomplishments but also heralds a promising future filled with growth and prosperity.

As Lincoln Structural Solutions basks in the glory of this remarkable achievement, the firm remains committed to upholding its standards of excellence and serving as a catalyst for positive change in the industry.